We're not just consultants. We're your trusted partners in transformation.

Enterprise Architecture Institution Florida

Our approach to enterprise architecture is more than strategy, governance, and frameworks.

We’re transforming the culture within your organization from the top down.

Durand Somerville, Chief Enterprise Architect and PresidentEnterprise Architecture Institution Florida
Enterprise Architecture Institution Florida
Enterprise Architecture Institution Florida

Decades of solving for excellence

In today’s dynamic business landscape, organizations of all sizes grapple with intricate challenges. The path to results lies in strategic navigation, honest communication, and effective execution. That’s where we come in.

Enterprise Architecture Institution (EAI) stands as more than mere consultants. We are your dedicated partners in transformation. Our team brings a wealth of experience, blending years of industry expertise with a proven track record of achievement. Challenges don’t intimidate us; they fuel our drive. Together with our clients, we craft dynamic solutions that bridge the gap between vision and reality.

Our core values— honor, integrity, and excellence—guide every decision we make. When you engage with us, you gain more than a service provider; you gain a collective force propelling your organization toward remarkable results.


Business technology leaders

Customer Wins

  • EAI was hard on our processes and not our people. This fostered a collaborative environment from the top down.

    Technology Solutions
  • EAI brought systems and process to our business that led to greatly improved organization and documentation. We have removed significant risk and established a solid foundation for future implementations and deployments.

    Supply Chain and Merchandising
  • EAI has developed for my needs a rock solid approach to Project Management and Enterprise Architecture. Their methodology, training, and rollout were well-planned. I’ll be able to use these tools for many years to come to improve project execution and overall management.

    IT General Manager

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