Harold Sobers

Director of Professional Services


A Visionary Leader

Harold Sobers is the Director of Professional Services at the Enterprise Architecture Institution. As an IT professional, Harold is dedicated to staying at the cutting edge of his field and fostering an environment where growth and excellence are paramount. His career is underpinned by a fervent passion for aiding others in their personal and professional development and ensuring they achieve their utmost potential.

A Multifaceted Expertise

Harold’s expertise spans a comprehensive range of skills, including Project Management, Program Management, Operations Management, Business Analysis, and Coaching. This diverse skill set highlights his multifaceted approach to professional services and commitment to guiding teams and individuals toward success. Beyond his professional capabilities, Harold is known for his dedication to mentoring, constantly seeking ways to empower others to excel. Harold Sobers is not just a director; he’s a visionary leader, a mentor, and an advocate for continuous improvement and achievement.


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