Durand Somerville

Chief Enterprise Architect & President


Durand Somerville is a seasoned Enterprise Architect (EA) with a distinguished career spanning across various industries. A passionate leader, he is dedicated to leveraging the power of EA to drive sustainable business transformation and ignite a renewed passion for the profession.

Visionary Leadership & Education Champion:

Durand founded EAI with a dual mission: bridge the gap between executives and key EA domains while reigniting the future of Enterprise Architecture. He is a tireless advocate for continuing education, fostering a culture of knowledge sharing within EAI, and spearheading the development of the EAI Education Initiative – a platform designed to empower the next generation of EAs.

Proven Expertise:

Throughout his career, Durand has played a pivotal role in establishing government agencies, modernizing corporations, and ensuring long-term sustainability. His extensive experience and holistic approach enable him to collaborate effectively with executives across diverse industries, helping them navigate complex strategic challenges and chart a clear path towards success.

A Passion for Building & Inspiring:

Durand’s lifelong passion for architecture extends beyond technology. He finds immense satisfaction in “designing organizations” – shaping businesses for optimal efficiency, growth, and resilience. He actively engages with both executives and individual contributors, gaining a comprehensive understanding of the organization’s current state to develop a blueprint for success. His dedication extends beyond individual projects; he is passionate about inspiring the next generation of EAs to carry the torch forward.


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