Helen S. Pinelli

Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer


Financial Expertise & Lifelong Learner

Helen S. Pinelli is the Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer at the Enterprise Architecture Institution, Inc. With a robust accounting career spanning over three decades, Helen harbors a deep-seated enthusiasm for number crunching and financial strategizing. Her professional journey is marked by encounters with mentors who have enriched her path with continuous learning and creative insights. Beyond her CFO role, Helen boasts an array of certifications across various sectors, a testament to her commitment to diverse learning and adaptability.

Building Relationships Beyond the Numbers

Holding a degree in paralegal studies complemented by a wide range of certifications—from core competency to OSHA 30—Helen embodies the spirit of a perpetual learner who is always eager to embrace new knowledge. Her passion extends beyond her professional pursuits; Helen values cultivating strong bonds both within and outside her professional sphere, guiding and mentoring others toward personal and professional development. At heart, Helen Pinelli is not just a financial executive; she is a mentor, a learner, and an advocate for growth and development at every turn.


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